For Sale

We sell sheep for breeding either as lambs or as shearlings (12-24 months old). We sell wool to hand spinners who like the properties of the Hebridean fleece. However, the black or near black wool becomes a dark brown when processed, so dyeing is not an option!


Alyson makes craft items from our wool, such as felted handbags and waistcoats. She also designs cushions inspired by the local landscape and plants; these are stuffed with natural Hebridean wool.  We will add photographs of these in the near future so come back soon!


Meat from Hebridean sheep has a distinctive flavour whether it is as lamb or mutton. Once experienced lamb and mutton from all other breeds seems ordinary! If you would like to try our Hebridean meat contact us, but note that it is a seasonal product – autumn is the best time to place an order.