Hebridean sheep grazing a heathland restoration site, part of The Stiperstones SSSI, Shropshire.

Richard’s interest in using Hebridean sheep and other rare breeds in the management of habitats for conservation led to his involvement in the Grazing Animals Project (GAP).

GAP was formed in 1997 to promote conservation grazing; it is a partnership with representatives from nature conservation and agriculture. GAP helps land managers achieve appropriate grazing on wildlife conservation sites. GAP is now run by the RBST (see separate page).




Grazing Animals Project

Shetland Cattle on Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s Freshfield Dune Heath Nature Reserve.

Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve

Freshfield Dune Heath

The Stiperstones NNR


Richard is also a member of the Government’s advisory committee on Farm Animal Genetic Resources (FAnGR).

Farm Animals Genetic Resources Committee