Manx Loaghtan

We acquired a Manx Loaghtan ewe lamb from the Spring Grove flock at the sale at Melton Mowbray in 2013 and she has grown into a fine ewe that Alyson has named Chloe. She had her first lamb in 2015. He was sired by a ram lamb, Cannons Kennagh (aka Kenny) bought in 2014. He has proved a good-natured ram and we’ll be sorry to see him go when his daughters come into the breeding flock.

We acquired another ewe lamb, Goodleigh Princess 7 (aka Phoebe)  in 2016 and in the same year Chloe produced twin ewe lambs that we will keep, bringing our potential 2017 Manx Loaghtan flock to four breeding ewes.

After the breeding season here Kenny went to AB Europe where his semen was collected for the RBST’s gene bank We will need to find a good home for Kenny in 2017, so if you need a fine Manx Loaghtan ram please get in touch.

Manx Loaghtan are rarer than Hebridean and are currently in Category 4 of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s watchlist. This means there are fewer than 1500 pedigree breeding ewes in the U.K. compared to an estimated 5000+ Hebridean ewes. Like Hebrideans Manx Loaghtan can have two, four or occasionally more horns. The ewe in the photo (Chloe)  is four-horned , but she has knocked off the two smaller (and weaker) side horns. The two lambs in the photo have grown into good shearling ewes that we will retain in the flock.